The Ultimate Guide to Mohawk Carpets

Introduction to Mohawk Carpets

Mohawk Carpets reflect the epitome of style and class in the world of flooring. Over the years, Mohawk has cultivated an enviable reputation for being the leading carpet manufacturer. They offer an immense selection of exquisite and unique quality carpets that cater to all tastes and preferences. Mohawk’s extensive range of products and their relentless commitment to customer satisfaction have made them stand out in the carpet industry. Let’s take a comprehensive look at these magnificent carpets.

The History of Mohawk Carpets

The journey of Mohawk Carpets began in 1878 when four brothers from the Shuttleworth family started a carpet business. Their entrepreneurial spirit aided them in building a company that has become synonymous with superior quality carpets. The Shuttleworth brothers were pioneers who transformed American carpet weaving from a cottage industry into an industrial revolution, paving the way for a firm foundation on which Mohawk Carpets currently stand.

Technologies Used in Mohawk Carpets

What sets Mohawk Carpets apart from others is their innovative use of technology. Through their SmartStrand technology, they have developed an eco-friendly carpet made of renewable resources. Another impressive tech used is Wear-Dated, which ensures a carpet is stain-resistant and can withstand heavy traffic. For those looking for top-notch durability, Everstrand is an excellent choice as it provides superior strength and cleanability.

Mohawk Carpets Collection

  1. Aladdin Collection: Named after the famous Arabian Nights character, the Aladdin Collection offers resilience and durability in an array of styles and colors. These carpets are most suitable for homes and small offices.
  2. SmartStrand Collection: Renowned for its eco-friendliness and durability, SmartStrand Collection offers an ideal blend of aesthetics and functionality.
  3. EverStrand Collection: These are a top choice for most homeowners, thanks to their superior strength and easy cleanability.

Why Choose Mohawk Carpets

When considering carpets, the overall visual appeal is critical. With Mohawk Carpets, there’s an extensive range of styles to suit every décor. Whether you favor a traditional look or prefer contemporary aesthetics, Mohawk Carpets have an option for you.

Another reason to choose Mohawk is their commitment to sustainability. They have consistently demonstrated a commitment to producing eco-friendly carpets. Their manufacturing process incorporates technologies that make use of recycled and renewable materials.

Mohawk Carpets are highly durable, making them an excellent investment. These carpets are designed to stand up to heavy traffic and are both stain and fade-resistant. Many of the carpets in Mohawk’s collection offer lifetime stain and soil warranties, thereby ensuring that your carpet remains as stylish as the day it was installed.

Caring for Your Mohawk Carpet

Caring for Mohawk Carpets is relatively straightforward. Regular vacuuming will keep the carpet looking fresh and clean. For stains, it is recommended to clean them immediately with a cloth or sponge and warm water. Mohawk also offers a range of cleaning products specifically made to tackle tough carpet stains.


A carpet is not just a floor covering; it’s an expression of personal style and taste. With their superb collection, sustainable practices, unparalleled quality, and impressive durability, Mohawk Carpets make a tempting choice. Whether your aim is to inject your space with a touch of luxury, or you’re after durability, Mohawk has got you covered. Dare to transform your home with Mohawk Carpets.

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